Our services to the energy and commodity markets fall under the below four categories:

Portfolio Management
Caprock is well seasoned and recognized for providing independent portfolio management services for both public and private oil and gas investments.
  • Independent management on all aspects of a project.
  • Financial analysis, due diligence, and reporting.
  • Identify inefficiencies and help reduce lease operating expenses.
  • Introduce new relationships to ensure a project has the proper expertise across all field disciplines.
  • Strategy consulting and involvement in our other services as necessary.
Risk Management
Over a decade of experience trading in the energy markets, providing hedging strategies and risk management solutions for companies ranging from major multi-national corporations to small privately held companies.
  • Diverse hedging strategies to help manage price risk.
  • Develop risk management procedures and reporting initiatives.
  • Provide analysis on a company’s risk exposure relating to their business model.
  • Seamless on-going risk management guidance.
  • Utilize our network of partnerships with companies such as Cargill.
Investment Banking
Caprock has diverse capital markets experience and has assisted many companies with acquisitions, dispositions, valuations, and financing for growth and development.
  • Buyer representation and seller representation on individual assets or companies.
  • Advice and support efforts in due diligence, financial modeling, feasibility and research.
  • Help raise capital, whether equity, debt, or creative financing.
  • Provide valuation’s for an array of transactions.
  • We can assist public or private companies and their assets.
Investment Funds
Caprock offers professionally managed investment funds that can provide investors an attractive way to participate in unique oil and gas investment opportunities.
  • An attractive investment vehicle for properly qualified individual investors and institutions.
  • Our investments can provide cash flow, capital growth and tax benefits.
  • Professionally managed.
  • Full transparency, reporting, legal and accounting support.
  • Current fund strategy is focused on exploiting and benefiting from the distressed price conditions.

We are an experienced team with a unique blend of expertise spanning finance, operations, strategy, and engineering that provides hands-on involvement.  We take pride in our vast experience that has endured multiple market cycles and provided diverse exposure across the energy value chain.  Over the years, Caprock has evolved as a company and aligned its service offerings to help clients capitalize on the entire life cycle of an energy investment.

We are an Important Conduit in the Oil and Gas Industry –
Connecting the Physical and Financial Markets with a Proven Process.

Market Focus for our Services by Capital Amount

Market Focus for our Services by Region

We are experiencing very exciting times in the energy sector and the current market volatility has helped fuel even more need for our services.  Caprock is well positioned to navigate the U.S. energy market trends and we are happy to consult with you about our services and product offerings.