The Caprock Oil and Gas Fund, LP is an investment fund that was created by Caprock Risk Management.  The fund was formed to take advantage of the current volatility and lower oil price environment that provides ample opportunities to acquire oil and gas projects at attractive valuations.

Our Primary Investment Strategy:
  • Acquisition: We seek to acquire underperforming and undervalued oil and gas projects with existing production and infrastructure, proven reserves, and active positive cash flow. Caprock’s relationships with operators and financial partners enables us to identify distressed oil and gas assets that are poorly capitalized by existing owners, often times with high levels of debt, and we typically have additional field or technical insights into projects that can give us a distinct advantage from the start.
  • Lease Operating Expense Reduction: After we acquire oil and gas projects, our operating team aims to identify inefficient lease operating expenses and optimize operations to help reduce operating overhead to increase field profitability.
  • Field Enhancement & Development: In addition to expense reductions and process improvements, our partners then plan to identify and complete lower risk field development such as offsets, step-outs, and re-entries as well as new drilling opportunities to increase oil and gas production.  These enhancements can further increase the profitability and value of our projects.
  • Exit Strategy:  Our end goal is to execute a project disposition strategy that effectively resells our more efficient, greater producing, and higher value projects at an attractive profit. In a favorable oil and gas price environment, our highly efficient and lower cost basis projects can yield a premium market valuation for divestiture to other oil and gas companies and institutional investors.  Our projects can be ideal for any company seeking to build their balance sheet and enhance their return on investment.

Caprock Risk Management invests its own time and resources for research, detailed studies, and due diligence for each project with the objective of identifying optimum opportunities that minimize risk and offer the greatest potential for attractive returns.

Fund Objectives:
  • Generate revenue from the production and sale of oil and gas.
  • Distribute cash flow to investors on a quarterly basis.
  • Provide tax benefits in the first year the offering commences and in future years,
    including deductions for IDC’s, depletion and depreciation.
  • Capital Growth and Investment Gains – realize gains from the sale of projects or
    assets to a large oil company or institutional investor.
  • Portfolio Diversification – our investments are uncorrelated to traditional
    investments such as stocks or bonds.
  • Commodity based hard asset investment with lower volatility and managed risk.

Caprock’s team and operating partners have a proven track record of acquiring and managing profitable oil and gas projects in the Mid-Continent and Rockies regions in the United States.  Our expertise and relationships with our partners has provided a long history of success that we intend to continue with our current investment offerings.

Target Regions
Caprock applies its expertise and talent to acquire high-value oil and gas assets by operating in these select regions throughout the U.S.

“We focus in these regions because of our long-standing relationships with regional operators, geologists and petroleum engineers. In addition, oil fields in these regions have a proven history of production, offer lower-cost drilling and operating expenses, and an abundant amount of infrastructure that we believe enhances investors’ risk/reward profiles.”

– Chris Jarvis, CEO, Caprock

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To participate in our investment fund, you must be an Accredited Investor individual, company, foundation, endowment, or other entity that can qualify as an Accredited Investor.  Please refer to risk disclosures in fund offering documents.