Caprock Risk Management is a leading advisory and asset management firm that provides valuable services to the energy and commodity markets.

Our Services
Portfolio Management
Caprock is well seasoned and recognized for providing independent portfolio management services for both public and private oil and gas investments.
Risk Management
Over a decade of experience trading in the energy markets, providing hedging strategies and risk management solutions for companies ranging from major multi-national corporations to small privately held companies.
Investment Banking
Caprock has diverse capital markets experience and has assisted many companies with acquisitions, dispositions, valuations, and financing for growth and development.
Investment Funds
Caprock offers professionally managed investment funds that can provide investors an attractive way to participate in unique oil and gas investment opportunities.
Past Caprock Market Commentary

Our Founder, Chris Jarvis, is recognized within the industry as an expert covering the energy and commodities markets,
often appearing on the major television networks such as CNBC and FoxBusiness.







Who We've Worked With